Monday, 19 March 2018

Reported a few potholes today ...

I reported a few potholes this morning and let people know on Facebook to avoid duplication. There were quite a few comments about other potholes so I decided to do a tour of Brookside to see if there were any others. There were one or two ...
  • Bridgnorth Road, Tweedale near the Cuckoo Oak
  • Holmer Farm Road near the Shell garage (a deep one)
  • The big island that is the junction of Brookside Avenue and Holmer Farm Road
  • Four speed cushions on Brookside Avenue between Bembridge and Beaconsfield, both sides of the road
  • A442 southbound between Hollinswood Interchange and Stirchley Interchange, lot of potholes
  • A442 northbound sliproad for Hollinswood Interchange, lots of potholes and badly worn road surface
  •  Stirchley Road by the Rose and Crown
  • Stirchley Road by the old school
  • Stirchley Lane by the side gate of the house called The Elms
  • Stirchley Lane by the entrance to the wood yard
  • Stirchley Lane before and after the bridge (some large ones)
  • Stirchley Lane just in front of the 1st speed hump past the bridge
  • Outside 34 Stirchley Lane
  • Sunken drain outside 1 Stirchley Lane
  • Sunken drain on the Dawley side of the bridge on Stirchley Lane
  • First two drains on the entrance of Birchmore have sunk and there is a large pothole
  • Entrance of Burnside (large hole)
  • Near 7 Burnside
  • Brindleyford by garages near 31
  • Brindleyford needs resurfacing from the junction of Brookside Avenue to Blossomfields
  • Entrance of Brackenfield
  • Rear of 154 Bishopdale
  • Rear of 62 Bishopdale
  • Read of 113 Bishopdale
  • Rear of 68 Bishopdale
  • Entrance of Cygnet Drive
  • Junction of Cygnet Drive and Teal Close
  • Near 63 Burtondale
  • Rear of 126 Burtondale
  • Entrance of Burford
  • Alongside 275 Burford
  • Rear of 270 Burford
  • Rear of 234 Burford
  • Outside compound near shops
  • Near 1 Bridgwood on the junction
  • Outside 1 Bembridge
  • Outside 5 Bembridge
  • Rear of 96 Bembridge
  • Bembridge needs at least partial resurfacing
  • Entrance of Beaconsfield
  • Outside 114 Beaconsfield
  • Junction before 114 Beaconsfield
  • Outside 125 Briarwood
  • Outside 111 Briarwood
  • Sunken drain outside 105 Briarwood
  • Outside 100 Briarwood
  • Outside 48 Briarwood
  • Outside 29 Briarwood
I also spotted some fly tipping ...
  • 31 Brindleyford (armchair)
  • 40 Brereton (household waste/furniture)
  • 11 Brereton (household furniture next to skip)
  • Rear of 56 Beaconsfield (furniture)
My inbox is now full of reference numbers from Telford & Wrekin Council!

In one picture a scuba diver pops up from one water-logged hole in the road.