Saturday, 23 September 2017

Theresa May has betrayed us over Brexit

Theresa May has finally put hopes of a clean break from the EU to bed, confirming what we have known all along: the Conservatives are not going to deliver the Brexit we voted for.

The Prime Minister has committed to keeping the UK in the EU for at least two years after we are supposed to leave in 2019. She has agreed to pay £18bn a year into the EU budget, to continue allowing unlimited number of EU immigrants to live and work here, agreed to adopt every EU directive and regulation and accepted the continued jurisdiction of the EU courts. At the same time, we will lose all our MEPs (not that they were ever successful in limiting the damage the EU causes to the UK) and the handful of vetoes we still retained.

This is a complete betrayal by a weak and treacherous Prime Minister who campaigned to keep us in the EU during the referendum.

The EU has already started excluding the UK from meetings and blocking companies and institutions from applying for funding (quite possibly illegally) well in advance of our now indefinitely-postponed independence day in 2019. Over the next four years we will be paying for little more than the privilege of subsidising access to UK markets for companies in the EU. Once all EU funding for the UK stops in 2019 we will be paying the EU £1 for every £12 worth of goods we export to EU countries. That's an 8% tariff on EU exports paid by us, the taxpayer so that companies in the EU to export £60bn more to us than we do to them without having to pay for access to our markets.

We voted to leave the EU and we should leave, not stay half in and half out. And when we do leave we should take our £14bn share of EU assets that we paid for and the £9bn we put into the EU Investment Bank, we don't owe them a penny.