Friday, 3 February 2017

Civil parking enforcement in Telford & Wrekin

I am strongly opposed to Telford & Wrekin Council taking on powers to carry out parking enforcement in the borough instead of the police.

The police do respond to complaints about illegal and inappropriate parking and use a common sense approach where they try to educate the drivers before resorting to prosecuting them. I have seen this first hand outside the Windmill School and by the Telford Park School where the police speak to drivers or leave warning letters explaining what they've done wrong and that they will return at a later date and will fine them if they repeat the offence. This approach seems to work as long as the police follow it up.

The council's proposal is to take that responsibility away from the police and hire private parking enforcement officers to fine people instead. The council would get to keep the money to cover costs as well as any profit. Enforcement officers will end up with targets to ensure they are raising enough money which will guarantee abuses of the powers and poor decision making to meet those targets. The police have a duty to enforce parking problems in Telford & Wrekin and that is what they should do.

I don't trust the council with these powers and have fed that back through their parish and town council consultation exercise (not that I expect it to make the slightest difference because the decision will have already been made).