Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Fly tipping, abandoned trolleys, street lights, child safety and inconsiderate parking

Over the last couple of days I've reported a number of fly tips on Beaconsfield, Briarwood and Brookside Avenue. They've all been cleared except for the couple of fly tips behind the flats in Beaconsfield.

I've also reported the street light that's out in Beaconsfield between the bungalows and the garages and the abandoned shopping trolleys on Brookside Avenue by the underpass between Bridgwood and Bembridge.

In addition to this I've been in touch with Holmer Lake School, the police and the council to ask for a meeting with some concerned parents about road safety outside the school. The school were quick to get back to me but the council and police still haven't responded which is disappointing when parents are raising concerns about the safety of their children.

Outside of Brookside and Stirchley I have had the foothpath cleaned between the entrance to Madeley Court Hotel and Madeley Academy. I am also trying to get the layby cleaned as it's thick with mud and leaves which discourages parents from safely dropping off their children. The council say the layby is reserved for a speed camera van and not for parents wanting to drop off their children at school without stopping in the road or obstructing the entrance to the hotel, I say it is more important that there is somewhere safe to drop off children.

I have also invited officers to meet me at Castlefields Roundabout in a morning so they can see the mayhem they have caused by building the school entrance opposite Woodside Avenue and allowing the new housing developments in Lightmoor without increasing the capacity of the island.

Finally, I have asked for bollards to be erected to prevent the footpath between Briarwood and Birchmore being blocked by parked cars and vans. This is a persistent problem with the footpath between the houses sometimes blocked completely and not just for wheelchair users and people with prams and pushchairs.