Sunday, 14 August 2016

We don't need decriminalised parking enforcement, the police need to do their job

Telford's Conservative councillors are trying to convince their Labour colleagues to adopt a decriminalised parking scheme which would see the council take over responsibility for parking enforcement in the borough.

There aren't many local authorities left that don't run their own parking enforcement schemes and luckily for us, Telford & Wrekin Council is one of them. Parking enforcement on highways is the responsibility of West Mercia Police who take their job about as seriously as one of David Cameron's Cast Iron Guarantees™.

When you read those "funny" stories (they're funny when they happen to someone else) about hearses, broken down cars and fire engines getting parking tickets it's not a traffic warden issuing the ticket, it's someone working for the council. They do stupid things like this because they're entirely profit driven. Staff have targets to meet to raise as much revenue as possible, whether it's a private company working for the council or the council itself.

Rather than trying to inflict the same sort of scheme on us in Telford & Wrekin, the council should be summoning the new Police & Crime Commissioner to find out why the police aren't doing their job. It is West Mercia Police's responsibility to enforce parking restrictions in Telford & Wrekin and the council shouldn't have to take on decriminalised parking enforcement just because the police don't want to do their job properly.