Saturday, 14 May 2016

Campaigning in Dawley and Southwater

We had a great turnout for a +Vote Leave table day in Dawley this morning with +UKIP Telford & Wrekin, Conservative and non-political supporters.

Everywhere we've been in Telford so far we've had the same response - people are overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the EU - and Dawley was no different. Almost every person we spoke to will be voting to leave.

While we were in Dawley we found out that Labour had been to Southwater with their Project Fear bus and Tom Watson MP. We had been told by the council that they had changed their policy on campaigning in Southwater since last year when they allowed Labour and the Green Party to do their election campaigning there and that we weren't allowed to hand out leaflets in Southwater. As they've allowed the Labour Party to drive a bus into Southwater and Project Fear were handing out leaflets we're assuming they've changed their minds again and a few of us popped over to Southwater with some leaflets.

By the time we got to Southwater the Project Fear bus had departed and the Labour Party faithful had all disappeared leaving just one slightly aggressive lady and a Tory councillor to hand out their leaflets. The Project Fear leaflets weren't very well received - people were crumpling them up into balls and throwing them away whilst one young lady ripped hers up and came over to ask for a Vote Leave leaflet.

The response in Southwater was once again very positive with only a few people saying that they were planning to vote to stay in out of the hundreds of people we spoke to. What is interesting is that we've been getting the same response from ethnic minorities as we are from "native" Telfordians. Everyone is concerned about jobs, uncontrolled immigration, the economy and sovereignty.