Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Flooding on Silkin Way and near Dunmaster Way underpass

The heavy rain (and snow!) yesterday has caused flooding along the Silkin Way and by the underpass near Dunmaster Way and St James Crescent.

A council worker was seen in knee deep water trying to unblock the drains on the Silkin Way to no avail yesterday morning.

There is a stream running alongside the Silkin Way from the town park to Madeley. It is mostly culverted but it is open around this bridge and should have taken the surface water away if it wasn't so silted up and overgrown. The stream needs dredging and the overgrowth cut back to restore the natural soakaway as well as getting to the bottom of why the new drainage system the council put in wasn't up to the job.

As well as the Silkin Way there was a small but inconvenient flood on the footpath between Dunmaster Way and the underpass blocking the footpath and causing pedestrians to walk in the road to get round it.