Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Police appealing for witnesses to motorbike crash on the Silkin Way

West Mercia Police are asking for witnesses to a motorbike crash on the Silkin Way in Aqueduct on Sunday.

The 25 year old rider was taken to North Staffordshire Hospital suffering serious injuries and a 13 year old girl riding pillion was taken to the Princess Royal Hospital with a hand injury after the motorbike crashed into a post on the footpath.

Hopefully the police are looking for witnesses so they can decide which charges to bring against the rider for riding his motorbike on a footpath in the dark, presumably without lights or at speed if he failed to notice or avoid the post in the middle of the footpath.

Riding a motorbike on a footway is a criminal offence and if he was riding it with no lights, with excessive speed or carelessly then that's an even more serious criminal offence. People walk on the Silkin Way at all hours of the day and night and riding a motorbike on it is dangerous. If you have and information you can contact the police on 030003333000 (cheaper than 101) quoting reference 720S of May 24th.

One of our local policies at UKIP Telford & Wrekin was to step up patrols of the Silkin Way by the police and park rangers and to introduce lighting along currently unlit lengths.

This is the fate that awaits your motorbike if you're caught riding it on a footway