Friday, 10 April 2015

Candidates announced for Brookside

Telford & Wrekin Council have published details of all the valid candidates for the elections next month and they make interesting reading.

In Brookside there are 7 candidates for Telford & Wrekin Council but only four of us actually live in the Brookside ward: myself and Lynda Hogger and the two Labour candidates. One of the Conservative candidates lives in the Nedge ward and the other lives in Trench whilst the only Green candidate is at university in Coventry for the next two years!

For the 7 vacancies for the Brookside ward there are 8 candidates: myself and Lynda Hogger again, 5 Labour candidates (one of which lives in Malinslee) and 1 independent.

All over Telford & Wrekin there are Conservative and Labour candidates being parachuted into wards that are miles away from where they live. I had already been told by Labour and Conservative people that they were struggling for candidates but didn't realise quite how difficult they were finding it.