Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Campaigning against HS2

I went to Marston in Staffordshire yesterday with Jill Seymour MEP to support the locals there who are campaigning against HS2 ripping their village in two.

UKIP has opposed HS2 from the outset. There is no economic case for spending what is currently estimated to be £42.6bn to build a new high speed rail network (plus £7bn for trains) rather than investing in the existing railways that we have. If there was, the farmer I spoke to yesterday whose farm buildings are being demolished so the railway can pass 200 yards from his house might feel slightly less aggrieved at the prospect of trains hurtling past his living room at 250mph day and night so that people can travel between a few cities - the nearest a 40 minute drive from his farm - a bit quicker.

The EU is, of course, behind HS2 - it's the UK leg of the Trans-European High Speed Rail Network (TEN-R) and a directive orders the British government to fritter away our hard earned cash on this huge white elephant.

We're lucky not to have this monstrosity scything through Shropshire but we're still going to have to pay for it and the bill is currently about £1,500 per family.