Thursday, 24 July 2014

Boy rescued from pool in town park

A Telford boy was taken to hospital yesterday after having to be rescued from the blue pool in the town park by a fisherman.

The boy got into difficulties whilst swimming in the pool with a group of other children. He was pulled out of the pool by a fisherman and when an ambulance crew arrived the boy coughed up a litre and a half of dirty water. He was taken to the Princess Royal Hospital as a precaution against lung spasm and blood poisoning. The ambulance crew told the other children to come out of the pool but despite having seen one of their number almost drown, they refused.

There are a lot of pools in and around the town park, Stirchley and Brookside and it's tempting in weather like this to jump in and cool down but it's dangerous. There will be those who say people have been swimming in these pools for years and we shouldn't wrap kids up in cotton wool but there are stories going back decades of people getting into trouble in these pools, probably longer.

Pools are dangerous, they've always been dangerous and going into them without understanding and respecting the danger leads to things like this. Or worse.