Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Use your vote wisely: help cause a political earthquake

Polling stations open tomorrow at 7am for the EU elections and close at 10pm.

UKIP has been polling over 50% in the West Midlands in the last couple of weeks and with a Telford councillor - Jill Seymour from Kynnersley - at the top of the list there is even more reason for Telford people to vote for UKIP tomorrow.

The polling station for Brookside is at Windmill School. You should have received a polling card in the post a while ago. If you can't find your polling card then don't worry, you can still vote by visiting the polling station and giving your details to the staff there. If you received a postal vote and didn't use it, you can still go to the polling station in person to vote.

Beware of cheap imitations, look for the £ sign!