Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Report from the council's AGM and Electors' Meeting

What with all the excitement of the election, a minor family emergency, work and several days of sleep deprivation I haven't had an opportunity to touch on the council's AGM and electors' meeting last week.

Telford & Wrekin Council's plans to build houses on the gymkhana field off Stirchley Road was the main topic of discussion in the electors' meeting and everyone seemed to be of the opinion that building on the field (which is part of the Town Park) was a bad idea and must be opposed.

We have changed the committees on the council this year as there was too much overlap on the Community & Leisure and Planning & Environment committees. Going forward we will have a Neighbourhood Services committee which roughly covers everything the Community & Leisure committee did and the non-planning aspects of the Planning & Environment committee. We will also have a Planning Committee which will only meet when there are planning applications to consider. This year I am on both the Neighbourhood Services and Planning committees, the Personnel committee, Policy Committee and the Emergency committee.

There generally isn't a lot of "regular" council businesses discussed at the AGM because it takes so long to sort out the committees and get through the wads of paperwork but there was time to discuss my proposal to lobby the borough council for a pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Brookside Avenue by Bridgwood where the kids cross the road to get to Lakeside Academy and the shops. I'm happy to say that it was unanimously supported by the parish council and we will lobby Telford & Wrekin for a crossing. It doesn't mean it will happen though but fingers crossed!