Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Cats poisoned with antifreeze in Brookside

A number of cats have been poisoned in Brookside in the last day or so, resulting in several deaths.

There were a spate of antifreeze poisonings in Telford in 2010 that didn't coincide with cold weather and were thought to be deliberate poisonings. There are antifreeze-related deaths of cats every year but obviously these occur during the winter when there is a reason to use antifreeze, not in the summer.

There are some distraught cat owners on Brookside at the moment as you can imagine and my advice would be to keep your cat indoors for as long as possible until the source of the poisoning is found. It is, of course, a criminal offence to poison a cat.

You can get advice on the effects of antifreeze poisoning on cats from the RSPCA website.