Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bullies drive Brookside boy to take his own life

By now many residents will have seen the sad news that 12 year old Dylan Stewart from Brookside has died.

Dylan was a pupil at Lakeside Academy and unfortunately he suffered at the hands of bullies for a long time and ended up trying to take his own life. He spent several days on life support which was switched off yesterday. He was breathing on his own for a while but passed away last night.

Lakeside have introduced a zero-tolerance policy on bullying as a result of Dylan's death but you have to ask why there wasn't a zero-tolerance policy on bullying already in place. Some people try and make excuses for bullies - a difficult home life, personal problems - but there is no excuse for making someone's life a misery for your own pleasure or as an outlet for your anger at whatever personal problems you have.

Some of the kids at Lakeside are starting their own anti-bullying campaign and that's likely to be more effective than anything the school or any adults could put together because peer pressure matters to kids far more than the opinions of their teachers, parents or a group of strangers. It may be small comfort for Dylan's parents to know that their son's death has inspired a lot of adults and children not just in Brookside but all over Telford to take a stand on bullying and I hope they do take some comfort in that because I can't imagine what personal hell they must be going through because of the actions of some stupid, selfish children.