Saturday, 29 March 2014

The traffic island "improvements" around the town centre are dangerous

I have sent the following email to Telford & Wrekin Council regarding the dangerous new layout of the Forge Roundabout (the M54 island by the Park Inn) and the island at Malinsgate by the Bridge Builder.
I spoke to someone at Highways a week ago about the new road layout on Forge Roundabout but I've yet to receive a response. I'm told by the Mitie shuttle bus drivers that they're seeing near misses daily on that island and every time I've been on it it's chaos because the lanes don't make sense and they have the dangerous short second lanes as you exit the roundabout that the council have been hatching out elsewhere in the borough. I appreciate that the Highways Agency are responsible for the island but the council approved the plans and the new layout is dangerous. I am going to write to the Highways Agency myself but obviously the council's Highways department are the people who should be getting it addressed.

I am also concerned about the island near the police station at Malinsgate which has recently had traffic lights installed. The island is too small to hold traffic at lights and that is evident by the amount of traffic that is building up around it at busy times. At lunchtime today the traffic was queueing from the island, past the Land Registry, over Hall Park Roundabout and half way to the Forge Roundabout. The road past the police station is closed of course but the volume of traffic is the same and the island must have been gridlocked. I am told by a colleague that it can take an extra 5-10 minutes to travel from Lawley to St Georges in a morning using that island because the traffic can queue back as far as the Old Park Roundabout. The roadworks are not the cause of this traffic, it is a fundamental flaw in the design. The island at Malinsgate is too small for traffic lights and they are hindering the flow of traffic, causing dangerous tailbacks.