Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Metal thieves targeting houses in Brookside

Metal thieves have targeted Brookside over the last couple of days, stealing lead flashing from porches and Holmer Lake School.

I had the lead flashing stolen from my porch roof last night which has also caused other damage in removing it. I know of at least four other properties on Briarwood that have had lead flashing stolen from their porch roofs and one in Birchmore. Lead has also been stolen from the roof at Holmer Lake School, causing around £1,500 of damage.

If you have been a victim of these thieves then please report it to the police on 03003333000 (free on most inclusive call packages) or 101 (15p per call). The more people who report it, the more seriously the police will take the investigation. Scrap lead is only worth about £1.45/lb (65p/kg) which means they're probably making about £10 for each £100 of damage they're causing stealing it from peoples' houses. They have been operating in the area for several days now and not much appears to be happening to catch those responsible.