Sunday, 2 February 2014

Brookside drug dealers jailed

A pair of drug dealers from Brookside have been sentenced to 32 months in prison after they were caught in an undercover drugs operation.

Nicola Firth and Gary Warren dealt heroin and cocaine to an undercover police officer several times at the community centre, flats, houses and cars in Brookside. They were both drug addicts and dealt drugs for a share of what they were selling rather than to make money.

It's great to see another drug dealer off the streets - especially when two of them have been taken out at the same time - but there's a growing drug problem everywhere and no less so in Brookside. Many people are turning to drink and drugs as an escape and there isn't enough support for people who are struggling to cope with the effects of mental health problems, long term unemployment, deprivation and addictions. Taking out the dealers is vital but tackling the reasons people turn to addictive substances in the first place is just as important.

Details of drug and alcohol support services in the borough can be found on Telford & Wrekin Council's Telford MyLife website.