Sunday, 12 January 2014

Youth Services Public Meeting

I went to a public meeting about youth services in Stirchley & Brookside on Thursday organised by community organisers Leigh Ricketts and Kathryn MacDonald.

The general consensus was that youth provision in both Brookside and Stirchley were poor. A couple of people went as far as to describe it as sh*t.

There were lots of issues and suggestions raised at the meeting, including:


  • Bullying at youth club in Brookside
  • People don't know who is in charge of youth services
  • Even people living next to the Community Centre don't know what's happening there
  • Drugs and drink at park
  • Community Centre didn't feel like it belongs to the community
  • Nothing locally for children with special needs
  • Brookside has 100% more youth provision than Stirchley

  • Something through the letterbox saying what's on
  • Kids have their own communication network which can be used to spread the word about services
  • Youth engagement for conservation programme has secured funding and is about to start
  • Youth café
  • Scouts and cubs
  • Young organisers group could be set up
  • Kids helping at community café
Another meeting is planned in the next couple of weeks to see how residents want to tackle these issues and put some of their ideas into action. If you want to get involved in changing youth services in Brookside and Stirchley then you can contact Leigh through his website.