Sunday, 10 November 2013

Brookside Big Bang 2013

The Brookside Big Bang fireworks last night were amazing and once again put Brookside on the map.

We were the only place in Telford to have a public firework display last night and people came from as far as Shrewsbury to watch them.  This was easily the second biggest firework display in Telford.

The firework display wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the volunteers stewarding the event and providing the catering so well done to all those people who gave up their time to help.  I was there with my high vis helping to steward.

The big clean-up followed the Big Bang this morning with a BIG litter pick around the field.  We picked up six sacks of rubbish on and around the field.  We'd probably have got more if we'd had the time but as there was only myself and two of my children and another resident and her son we were a bit limited on what we could physically pick up and carry in an hour.

The only thing that marred the event for me was several people walking through the crowds - which must have been a couple of hundred people - smoking weed.  If people want to smoke it in their own homes then as far as I'm concerned that's their own business (banning drugs clearly doesn't work as this shows) but walking through groups of children smoking it is wrong.