Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Street cleansing requested outside Windmill School

While contractors are working on the CCTV at the park by Windmill School, they are creating an awful mess on the pavement outside the school gates by driving their construction vehicles half on the pavement and half on the grass.  The footpath outside one of the school entrances is covered in mud and kids are playing where the grass has been churned up by the tracks on the digger.

I have reported this to Telford & Wrekin Council and they should be getting on the case today.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Let's show the world that Brookside is open for business!

Business stalls, advice and food from around the world.  An event that aims to show Brookside in a whole new light!

Please make sure everyone you know in and around Brookside knows of this … whether they own a local business, have an idea for one, want to meet local trades people or are looking for advice in skill development and job seeking this is where they need to be.

To book a FREE stall message:

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shropshire Star: Call to help buy empty Telford church

An empty Telford church which is for sale could be saved as a public asset if residents rally together to find the £120,000 needed to buy it, it was claimed today.

Community organiser Leigh Ricketts, right, trainee community organiser Kathryn MacDonald and local resident Bill Kirby, launching the appeal to keep All Saints Church, Stirchely, as a community resource

All Saints Church in Stirchley, Telford, is currently on the open market. But Leigh Ricketts, who works with Locality, a body which supports and advises community groups, said it was hoped local people could buy the building and run it themselves.

He said: “The area has a high level of deprivation and what they haven’t got in Stirchley is a community building.

“It’s up for £120,000. I know that seems like a lot of money but it’s the size of a supermarket.

“It’s 3,000 square feet. We want people to think about the potential it could hold as a social enterprise, a community venue, a small business, anything.

“The other people looking at buying it are restaurants, takeaways or the land will be bulldozed.

Mr Ricketts added: “No-one is going to buy the building for the people of the community. I want them to see that once it’s gone it’s gone.”

The former church on Grange Avenue includes a central congregational hall with number of large function rooms, small offices, administration rooms, a kitchen and canteen area and car parking.

It has planning permission for non-residential institutions, including clinics, creches, day centres and museums.

Mr Ricketts added: “If we can get enough people interested we can form a residents’ group and help them to find funding through sources like the National Lottery.”

He is hoping to create a working group to investigate ways of finding the funding needed to save the church and look at possible uses for the building.

Anyone interested should call Mr Ricketts on 07860 781098.

Cllr Jill Seymour tops MEP list for 2014

UKIP Telford & Wrekin are very pleased to announce that Cllr Jill Seymour has been voted to the number 1 spot on the West Midlands regional list for next year’s EU elections by the membership.

At the last EU elections UKIP had two MEPs elected and this time around the experts think UKIP will win outright which means we could have three or more MEPs in the West Midlands euroregion in 2014.

The way EU elections are run is quite alien to us here in England (as with most things that emanate from Brussels).  While we are used to voting for people in our own elections, we vote for a party in EU elections and the party provides a list of people who will become MEPs at that election.  EU elections are held under proportional representation so the percentage of the vote received is equal (roughly) to the percentage of seats the party wins.  In the West Midlands euroregion there are seven seats available and UKIP hopes to win three or four of those.