Monday, 30 September 2013

Community Litter Pick #4

I took part in the BIG community litter pick in Brookside again yesterday morning and the turnout was better than ever.

The first two weeks we had just a handful of people turn up - the usual suspects - but this last two weeks the level of support has been amazing and new litter pickers have had to be purchased to meet demand.

Next week is the last of the five weeks that were originally planned but given the success of the litter picks we've had so far they will no doubt be continued, although perhaps not on a weekly basis.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Jane Smith's 25th anniversary at Stirchley & Brookside

I had the pleasure of celebrating our parish clerk's 25 years of service to Stirchley & Brookside Parish Council at the Sambrook Centre yesterday.

One thing I didn't realise was that Jane was the very first clerk to the parish council, taking the job when the parish council was first created.  This explains how she knows everything that's ever happened in Brookside and Stirchley!

The parish clerk is the most important person at a parish council.  Councillors come and go but clerks generally stick around and they know how everything works and who everyone is.  They run the council, they make sure things happen and make sure things are done the right way.  They advise councillors and tell them when they're doing something wrong.

Jane has done a fantastic job for the last 25 years and I'm sure she'll continue to do a fantastic job in the future.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Teenager robbed at knife-point in Brookside

Two men attempted to rob a teenager at knife-point in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The 19 year old victim was stopped by two men - one black and around 5'9" and the other white and just over 6ft - who asked him for a lighter. When he said that he didn't have a lighter, one of the men pulled a knife on him and told him to empty his pockets. The victim ran away unharmed.

The attack took part on Brookside Avenue between Bishopdale and Blakemore at 3:30am on Saturday.

If you have information on this attack you can contact the police on 03000 333 3000 or tell Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. The incident number is 110S070913.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Litter pick tomorrow

The first of five weeks of BIG litter picks is tomorrow.

Anyone who wants to take part should meet at Brookside Community Centre at 10am where hi-vis vests, bags and litter pickers will be provided.

Children are welcome but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.