Saturday, 31 August 2013

Busy week reporting issues

I've been out leafleting all over Brookside this last week or so which means I've been busy reporting lots of issues to the council.

By far the biggest report I put in was Burtondale - I reported the whole street for fly tipping and a street cleansing crew should be going out to clear it up soon.  Burtondale looked like an abandoned street with all the fly tipping and litter, it must have been neglected for months.

I've reported the green bins that have been left out on Beaconsfield for about 3 months now.  The recycling people won't empty them because they've got soil and black bags in but they apparently haven't reported back to say they need something doing about them.  The grass cutters have mowed around them several times rather than moving them or reporting back that something needs doing about them.  This is why UKIP Telford & Wrekin will review the outsourcing arrangements the council has because we don't think taxpayers are getting value for money.

I've also reported abusive graffiti on a sign in Blakemore, an abandoned gas bottle by Brereton garages and the zigzags outside Windmill School that still haven't been repainted since the road was resurfaced even though I asked for them to be done two months ago as a priority.