Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Advance warning of roadworks on A442

Thanks to our hard working Priority Action Co-ordinator, Keith Whitton, we have some advance warning of the schedule of works on and around the A442 Eastern Primary.

Work will take place between Randlay and Stirchley Interchanges from the 29th July to 2nd August and then again from 6th August to 8th August.  There will also be roadworks on the Brockton Loop (aka the trumpet bend) on 1st August.  There is a contingency day built in on 2nd August in case the contractors get behind schedule and another on 9th August.

There is work on Brockton Way (the dual carriageway that goes from the Eastern Primary to the Sutton Hill island by the Texaco garage) between 6th August and 8th August and a bit further up the road there is work on the A442 between Randlay and Hollinswood Interchanges on 13th August.

There will be traffic lights on the Castlefield Roundabout (the mine shaft island) between 29th July and 6th August and on Naird Roundabout (the island with the concrete "needle" by Stafford Park).

There are a few others a bit further away but these are the ones a proverbial stone's throw from Brookside and Stirchley.