Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Parish council committees and a vacancy

Well, the AGM tonight went well and we even had a member of the public in attendance.  Just one but from small acorns and all that.

Following tonight's meeting I'm now on the policy committee, planning & environment committee, community & leisure committee, audit committee and neighbourhood plan committee.  Membership of the personnel and allotments sub-committees will be decided at the policy and planning & environment committees if councillors decide they are still required.

Cllr David Holloway resigned officially at tonight's meeting and notice of the vacancy will be published tomorrow.  Anyone resident who wishes to call an election can submit a letter signed by 10 electors to Telford & Wrekin Council requesting one be held.  If no election is called then the council will co-opt a willing volunteer to fill the vacancy.

There is no official wording for the request for an election but the wording Telford & Wrekin Council recommend is:
We, the undersigned being electors for the Brookside Ward of Stirchley & Brookside Parish, call for an election to fill the vacancy arising from the resignation of David Holloway
The names and addresses of the 10 electors supporting the request should be printed on the letter.