Saturday, 25 May 2013

Big Local Summer Extravaganza

Brookside Big Local is funding and promoting a summer extravaganza on 13th July.  The aim is to make as much good quality contact with residents as possible, to find out how they want to help change Brookside or developing their ideas.  Of course a great way to get people together is to offer a good time – so they have booked music and food!

Your input would be really appreciated, please find the attached stall booking form.  Remember Fun Activities are good – better than just dry information – so if you can run a raffle/tombola/games/be in fancy dress or any other idea that would add to peoples enjoyment (and can be realistically risk assessed) put them on your form!

These kind of events are always great for helping people make contact, between residents, voluntary groups and agencies as well as great fun.

Anyone working with or volunteering with young people/children might like to take part in a fun football competition (prizes to be announced), get in touch with Keith Whitton at the community centre to discuss details.