Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Telford & Wrekin Council flying the flag for St George's Day

Telford & Wrekin Council hurriedly put up a flag pole over the weekend wedged (literally) in the hole left by the Christmas tree outside Addenbrooke House.

Yesterday the British flag was flying from the pole.  Bearing in mind that Telford & Wrekin have cancelled the annual St George's Day celebrations and replaced it with a non-descript, meaningless "summer festival" I cynically assumed they had put the British flag up either as a deliberate snub to St George's Day or out of ignorance.  And with good cause I think.

So, I contacted the council on Twitter and they replied to say they would fly the English flag today to mark St George's Day.  True to their word, the flag has been changed this morning:

The British Department for Culture, Media & Sport is responsible for producing guidance on which flags should be flown from public buildings on which days but their guidance is not statutory - in other words, it is nothing more than guidance and not legally binding.  There is therefore no reason why the council can't fly the English flag outside its offices every day of the year.

If you'd like to see the English flag flown outside the council offices all year round and not just on St George's Day then tell them.  You can email contact@telford.gov.uk, tweet them @TelfordWrekin, contact them via +TelfordWrekin on Google+ or via the Telford & Wrekin Council Facebook page.  Or even better, all of them!