Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fly tipping, litter, potholes and a German flag

I took advantage of the last of the sunshine this evening and went for a bike ride around Ryton Avenue, back to Brookside and round by the park and the shops.

I've reported the following issues that I saw while I was out:

  • Two lots of fly tipping at Beaconsfield flats
  • Lots of litter on the gardens of the empty flats by Brookside shops
  • Bin by Brookside skate park tipped to emptying position
  • Excessive amounts of litter in and around Brookside skate park
  • Broken drain cover by 124 Blakemore causing trip hazard
  • Pothole near the entrance of Ryton Way
  • The road outside Bembridge garages is still more pothole than road – it might not be a through road but it still needs repairing and an elderly lady tripped there last year

I also took a picture of the building works that have started by the shops.  I think it'll be nice to keep a photo record of the way Brookside changes with the regeneration work.  This picture is a bit over-exposed but the sun was dropping behind the shops so I had to crank the brightness up.

I also took another picture while I was out and about - I didn't expect to a German flag flying outside someone's house in Beckbury Drive so I had to get a picture of it.  You can't see the coat of arms on the flag and I can't remember exactly what it looked like but it's either the German state coat of arms or the coat of arms of the Weimar Republic.  It would be interesting to know what the story is behind it.