Friday, 29 March 2013

Fly tipping, potholes, yellow lines and builders

So far this week I have reported persistent fly-tipping in Briarwood, potholes in Beaconsfield (again) and Bembridge (again), the obscured school no parking lines on the road outside Windmill School and the building company at Brindleyford not keeping the road clean and parking lorries on brookside Avenue causing an obstruction (again).

Residents have reported the fly tipping in Briarwood several times but got nowhere.  The culprits are believed to be known so hopefully enforcement action will now be taken quickly.

Telford & Wrekin Council partially resurfaced Beaconsfield outside the entrance to Windmill School a couple of weeks back after I brought the poor state of the road surface to their attention.  They didn't repair the large potholes at the entrance to Beaconsfield though and when they resurfaced the road they tarmacked over sections of the zig zags outside the school entrance instructing people not to park there.  Some parents have taken the opportunity to start parking outside the school gates despite the obvious safety risk to their and other peoples' children.

The council also filled a pothole I reported to them that had appeared around a drain on the junction of Bembridge and Brookside Avenue but left the smaller pothole a few feet away which has now developed into a larger hole with the bad weather.

Finally, the company building houses at Brindleyford haven't been keeping the road clean as they are required to and despite being contacted by myself and other residents, are still allowing their lorries to line up on Brookside Avenue while they wait to be called on site causing an obstruction.  They have stopped parking opposite the road junction and bus stop but are still parking in a line making it difficult for other road users to safely drive around them.  I think everyone understands that the lorries can't all go on site at the same time because it's too small and I'm sure everyone is pleased that the lorries have stopped parking opposite the junction and bus stop but parking lorries in a line on Brooksise Avenue isn't safe and is causing friction between residents and the developers.  Telford & Wrekin's public realm officer for this area is on the case and hopefully he'll have the problems ironed out soon.