Friday, 15 February 2013

Stirchley Interchange temporary sort-of repair

To the causal observer I might be considered to have a bit of an obsession with potholes but there is a very good reason for making sure they fix potholes in a timely manner: the bigger they are, the more of our council tax they have to spend fixing them!

I escalated the damaged road surface on Stirchley Interchange yesterday as it was getting worse by the day and the biggest holes were partially filled yesterday afternoon so they're at least shallower.  A temporary repair will be carried out shortly - probably this evening.  A bigger repair job (perhaps even resurfacing) is due to be carried out in April, along with a couple of other junctions on the A442 and the dual carriageway itself between Randlay and Stirchley Interchanges.

I have also reported the smallish pothole on the junction of Beaconsfield and Brookside Avenue and the bigger holes on Bembridge right on the junction today and hopefully they'll be dealt with quickly as they're two of the busiest roads in Brookside (school and shop).

I still have six cases outstanding with Telford & Wrekin Council for roads and footpaths and the oldest one is dated the 21st of December.  Hardly inspires you with confidence does it?