Monday, 21 January 2013

Update on grit bins

I went out walking the estate last night with one of my sons hunting down grit bins and seeing how many actually had any grit in them.

We found two grit bins in Brookside - one on Bishopdale and one on Brackenfield (not Blakemore as I said last night) - and both of them were empty.  We went over to the Stirchley side of the ward this afternoon and found six grit bins - one on Beckbury Drive, one on Ryton Way, one on Linley Drive and three on Ludford Drive all within 200yds of each other.  All six grit bins were empty.

I have reported all of these empty grit bins to Telford & Wrekin Council and they said they will get them filled.  I had a bit of a complain about the lack of bins in Brookside while I was at it - the lady I spoke to used to live in Brookside so she was sympathetic but understandably only interested in getting the grit bins refilled.  We didn't have time to check down Stirchley Lane, Holmer Lake or down by the Holmer Lake school.

I will get this put on the agenda for the next Environment & Planning Committee meeting and hopefully we can convince Telford & Wrekin that we need a lot more grit bins.  It's not going to solve any problems now but it might make us better prepared for next time.