Thursday, 31 January 2013

New UKIP councillor in Dawley

I'm delighted to announce a new UKIP parish councillor in the borough with the defection of Cllr Mohammed "Richard" Choudhary from TAWPA.

Cllr Choudhary is on Great Dawley Parish Council and sits on their Planning & Environment Committee, Executive Committee and Entertainment Committee.

I will be out leafleting in Dawley with other UKIP members and supporters on Saturday for the parish and borough by-elections.  Labour's behaviour so far has been pretty terrible and they even have members of the UNISON union campaigning for them and bragging about how they won the last election for Labour using taxpayer-funded council facilities to maildrop and cold call voters!

UKIP's candidate in Dawley is Ryan Laing, a former member of the UK Youth Parliament, Scottish Youth Parliament, former Chair of Lanarkshire Youth Council, a voluntary Street Pastor and trustee of two local charities.  If you want to join me in Dawley delivering leaflets for Ryan please get in touch and I will give you details.