Sunday, 20 January 2013

Grit bins, snowmen and the laws of physics

I went for a walk with one of my sons this evening hunting grit bins after someone suggested that they'd all been removed.

We walked every street inside the perimeter road as well as Mount Pleasant Drive, Bournebrook Gardens, Lambeth Drive and St James Crescent and found just two grit boxes, both of which were empty.  I've reported the empty grit bins we found in Blakemore and Bishopdale and we're planning to check out the rest of the streets in the ward tomorrow.

The best street for snowmen was Brindleyford (maybe we should organise an inter-street snowman competition next year?) which also had the biggest snowman measuring a good 6' tall.

For the drivers wondering what the roads are like, they're rubbish.  Brookside Avenue is a bus route so it should be gritted overnight but until people get out on the roads the grit won't have much effect.  On a related note, a reminder to 4x4 drivers that the laws of physics still apply to four wheel drives.  Having fat tyres and four wheel drive doesn't make you invincible and it doesn't make snow and ice any less slippery.