Monday, 5 November 2012

Roadworks chaos comes to Brookside

The roadworks chaos blighting the borough has come to Brookside and it's already going wrong!

The three way traffic lights at the junction of Brookside Avenue and Bridgnorth Road (the Tweedale road) are causing traffic to queue up back to the Cuckoo Oak island thanks to the 5 second green light window. Because the lights aren't set properly people are just ignoring them which is making the situation worse but there is no option other than to go through one car at a time. I've informed Telford & Wrekin Highways Department and hopefully they'll get the lights sorted quickly.

The lane closures on the A442 between the Town Centre and stitchery Interchange are also causing long tailbacks. There was a fatal accident there the other day so take care on that stretch of the road.