Sunday, 28 October 2012

Disabled parking bays

With so many people rightfully condemning the complete hash the British government have made of reassessing long term sick and disabled people on benefits which has inconvenienced and upset so many you'd think that the number of people abusing disabled parking spaces would be almost zero.  Sadly not.

This afternoon I popped to Tesco in Madeley and parked in second row from the store in the half empty car park.  I walked between the two rows of disabled parking bays and looked for blue badges in the cars parked there.  Out of 13 cars (actually, 12 cars and a van with a child sat in the passenger seat all by himself) parked in the disabled parking bays, only 4 were displaying a blue badge.

I wonder how many of those people parking in disabled bays that they don't need to park in, inconveniencing and upsetting disabled people just so they can be 10 yards closer to the supermarket door shake their heads and tut in disapproval when they read stories in the newspaper about disabled people being told to look for work when they're clearly incapable of working.

The drivers of these cars should be ashamed of themselves, as should Tesco who care so little about their disabled customers that they refuse to deal with the continued abuse of the disabled parking spaces in their car park.  Tesco say that it's unreasonable to expect the store's security guards to confront someone about their parking in case they become threatening or abusive but it seems the risk is acceptable enough to expect the same security guards to stop shoplifters walking out of the shop with things they've nicked off the shelves.

It's not in Madeley that it happens though - here's the church minibus parked across one of the disabled parking bays outside Stirchley Co-op last weekend.