Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Royal Mail deliveries in Brookside

Royal Mail have notified residents of flats in Brookside that they will no longer attempt to redeliver post if they are unable to gain entry to the block.

Wrekin Housing Trust open the doors to the flats at the time the post is expected but the post delivery in Brookside is all over the place lately, sometimes being delivered late in the afternoon or not at all.  Obviously the flats can't be left open all day which leaves the residents with the prospect of daily visits to the understaffed sorting office in Tweedale which is only open for a couple of hours in a morning.

I spoke to Royal Mail and asked them to change their policy but was told that attempting to redeliver post to flats wasn't company policy and that it must be a local thing so there was nothing they could (or would) do.  They said that the responsibility lies with Wrekin Housing Trust to ensure that entry can be gained when needed.

I brought this up at the last parish council meeting and asked the clerk to write to Wrekin House Trust to find a solution, suggesting that they allocate keys to Royal Mail on the condition that Royal Mail keep a record of who the keys are given to.  This is far more secure than leaving the doors open and they will know who has which key at any given time if somebody needs to be held accountable for something that happens.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Traffic lights fixed at last

It looks like the traffic lights on Holmer Farm Road have finally been repaired after a week and a half of me complaining about them changing to red every minute or so.

It seems to be getting more and more difficult to get things done in Brookside.  Whether it's getting traffic lights repaired, speed limit signs replaced, motorbike riders on footpaths dealt with or roads resurfaced it's taking more and more time and effort just to get the simplest jobs done.

No doubt this will be blamed on "Tory cuts" which seems to be the default answer to any complaint about poor service but the cuts don't seem to be severe enough to prevent these things from being done elsewhere in the borough (usually where there are senior Labour councillors) or the creation of unnecessary jobs with obscene salaries.