Monday, 13 August 2012

Road "repair" outside Bembridge Garages

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a resident who is currently posted away from home in the armed forces regarding the state of the road outside Bembridge Garages.

This resident's mother tripped in one of the potholes recently and he asked me to see if I could do something about the road so I took a look at it, took some pictures and reported it to Telford & Wrekin Council.  A few weeks later and no news so I called and reported it - this time getting an email confirming that a job had been created.

Last week I was away on holiday so I took a look today and the pothole people have been round and filled in some holes.  Not all the holes, just a few of them with no apparent rhyme or reason for leaving the ones they have.

Clearly this isn't an acceptable road repair - if it wasn't for the paint still on the road and the fact the tarmac hasn't faded to grey you wouldn't know it had been repaired just days ago.  If they repaired all the potholes and damaged road surface then they would have virtually resurfaced the whole road.  It's already a patchwork of previous repairs and needs resurfacing.  It's not a busy stretch of road as it only serves the garages so a cheap surface dressing should be enough.

I put this to the Highways department at the council today and was told there isn't any money to resurface, surface dress or even fill all the holes in that stretch of road.  It's August and budgets run from April to April so are we really expected to believe that there is no money in the budget for an hour's work surface dressing 50yds of uneven, unsafe road that has already caused an elderly lady to trip and fall?

I drove back from Wellington today via Dawley and marvelled at the lovely, recently resurfaced Cock Hotel lights junction.  There is money to pay for that stretch of road to be surfaced apparently.  I was less impressed by the "metalled" surface on Dawley Road between the white church and the Livian Autos island (it's a noisy road surface) but impressed nonetheless that they've managed to find some money in the budget to pay for resurfacing that half a mile stretch of road.

So there's money in the budget for major road resurfacing in Dawley and Wellington but not to resurface 50yds of road in Brookside?  That's not good enough.