Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Proposal to build wind turbine at Windmill School

Windmill School is applying for planning permission to build a 33ft tall wind turbine in its wildlife reserve.

The intended location is in the wildlife reserve that the school have constructed that has trees and a pond and currently attracts lots of wildlife including birds. The application claims that there are no trees on the proposed development site with is incorrect and doesn't answer the question as to whether there are any adjacent which of course there are - lots!

The wind turbine will be visible from Briarwood and Buford flats and some houses on Bishopdale, Burnside and Birchmore. This wind turbine would be more than 5 and a half times the height of an average man or half the height of the Angel of the North statue.

I intend to object to this application as it is too close to houses, it will be visible from a great many houses, it will be built in a wildlife reserve and false statements have been made on the planning application but I would like to know what local residents think about the application.

To add some context to this application, Telford & Wrekin Council's draft sustainability report has a map showing potential sites for wind farms in the borough (page 138), all of which are around the Wrekin and south Telford including Brookside.  There is only very low potential for Brookside which means that Brookside isn't a particularly good location for an effective wind turbine but does mean that we are in the "at risk" area of wind farm developments and should developers wish to blight the green edge of our town with windmills, they would no doubt point to the already prominent wind turbines at Madeley Academy and this one too and ask what harm a few more will do.