Sunday, 8 July 2012

Telford & Wrekin speed limit fail

Back in March, Telford & Wrekin Council confirmed that they would be replacing the long absent 30mph signs near the junction of Bridgnorth Road (the road to Tweedale) and Brookside Avenue and placing 40mph repeater signs on Bridgnorth Road.

For some inexplicable reason they have instead put a 30mph repeater sign to mark the boundary of the 40mph and 30mph speed limits which isn't legally enforceable meaning that technically the speed limit on Brookside Avenue for anyone entering from Tweedale is 40mph and the police can't enforce the 30mph limit.

I have contacted Telford & Wrekin once again and hopefully they will do the job properly this time.  Thanks to Alan the Mobile Barber for telling me about the latest cock-up!