Sunday, 27 May 2012

Telford & Wrekin disappoint over Randlay Avenue again

I have been away in Leeds for a week and got back to Telford expecting to find Randlay Avenue dug up or perhaps even resurfaced as Telford & Wrekin promised the work would be started on Monday of this week.

I was disappointed to drive up Randlay Avenue on Friday evening and find that absolutely nothing has been done once again.

I have sent the following email to Highways tonight:
Dear Highways,

It's Sunday of the week commencing the 21st of May and the repairs to the damaged road surface I first reported in October last year which has been scheduled for repair several times this year still havn't been started.  Also, not all of the surface damage has been marked out, including the worst part which extends from the kerb to the middle of the road.  I phoned last week to tell you about this.

If the work is not finished by the end of next week I will be putting in an official complaint.  I don't think it's reasonable to wait 8 months for a road repair and to be told several times that the work is going to be carried out only to find that it's not been done with no explanation.