Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Telford & Wrekin Council putting broadband funding at risk

Back in August last year I wrote a bit of a round-up on broadband internet provision in Brookside and mentioned £8m of funding to improve internet access in Shropshire, including Telford & Wrekin.

Rather disappointingly, Telford & Wrekin Council are one of only six local authorities in England that have failed to agree a plan for spending the available funding with the British government after apparently withdrawing from the county-wide plan and intending to go it alone.

According to the British government, everyone has a "right" to 2mbit internet as a minimum and this is what the funding is for.  I doubt there is anywhere in Brookside that is incapable of getting 2mbit broadband but that doesn't mean people in Brookside wouldn't benefit from improved internet access elsewhere in the borough - it could be keeping in touch with friends and relatives in rural parts of the borough, getting a job with someone who's been able to start their own business thanks to a good internet connection or even getting an order for your own business from someone who's been able to start up their own business because of the investment in broadband.

So come on Telford & Wrekin, pull your finger out and get this money while it's still available.