Monday, 28 May 2012

Parish Council moving in with Stirchley Library

The parish council is moving out of Progress House and into Stirchley Library to save money and help protect library services.

Stirchley Library is the most expensive district library in the borough and was at risk of being closed but Cllr England (who is a parish and borough councillor for Brookside and the cabinet member with responsibility for libraries) said he was determined to keep it open and in conjunction with the parish council, came up with the idea of sharing the library building with the parish council.

The library will be staffed for fewer hours but a self-service system will be put in place.  Parish council staff won't be working for the library but will be there to keep an eye on things.  Additional services including a coffee bar will also be introduced at the library.

By sharing the library building with Stirchley Library, the parish council can save money and help keep Stirchley Library open and open for longer.