Saturday, 14 April 2012

Severn Trent selling Shropshire water to East Anglia

According to the Daily Express, Shropshire is likely to be declared a drought zone soon which begs the question: why is Severn Trent planning to sell water to East Anglia in the middle of a drought?

The botched privatisation of the water network gives us the worst of both worlds - consumers have no choice which water company they want to use which means they don't have to worry about providing a good service or keeping down bills and they control the distribution network as well as the water which means there is no joined up national network.

If water had been privatised properly like gas and electricity, Severn Trent wouldn't be the ones "producing" the water or pumping it down the pipes and they wouldn't be in a position to sell it to other companies leaving us in Shropshire at risk of drought.

If water had been privatised properly like gas and electricity, if Severn Trent does sell too much of our water and we end up with a drought we would be able to show Severn Trent our displeasure by changing to another supplier.

But it hasn't so we can't and we therefore have to just sit back and watch Severn Trent pump millions of gallons of water out of Shropshire and wait for the hosepipe ban.  And you can pretty much guarantee that the millions that Severn Trent will make out of selling our water to Anglian Water won't knock a penny off our water bills.