Monday, 5 March 2012

Speed limit sign between Tweedale and Brookside

Whilst chatting to my barber at the weekend, he told me about the advanced driving test he's studying for.  "Do you know," he said "there's no speed limit sign as you come up from Tweedale onto Brookside Avenue - I notice these things now".

I'm obviously not observant enough because he's right and I've never noticed it missing!  Not only is there no speed limit sign to tell you that you're coming from a 40mph speed limit on Bridgnorth Road into a 30mph limit on Brookside Avenue but I can't see where such a sign might have been.

I remember my mother warning me about the 30mph speed limit when I was learning to drive mumble 17 years ago (I was approaching the mini roundabout a bit fast I think) so there was definitely one there then but there is no sign of one now.

I've reported the missing sign to the council this afternoon and they will check where the speed limits meet and arrange for a new sign.