Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Halesfield tip opening hours to be cut

Telford & Wrekin Council have taken the bizarre and counter-productive step of cutting opening hours of the Community Recycling Centres (what most people call "the tip") in the borough with effect from the 16th of April.

When the borough council started charging for bulk waste collections, fly tipping became more of a problem which costs the taxpayer more.  Now the tips are going to open only 5 days a week which will lead to even more fly tipping and cost the taxpayer even more.

The council claims that it is cutting back opening hours to save costs but it's not going to save money in the long run.  Lots of people, on discovering that the tip is closed when they arrive, will fly tip whatever they had intended to dispose of responsibly rather than take it home and try again another day.  It's not right but it's a sad fact that it does happen and will happen even more when it's not just a case of missing the opening time by minutes or hours but missing it by one or two days.

There will be a tip open every day of the week somewhere in Telford but it may involve a several mile round trip depending on where you live.  People in Trench could find themselves having to take a 15 mile round trip past the turning for Granville to Halesfield to get rid of their unwanted sofa or people in Brookside taking a 12 mile round trip to Ketley.  It's not going to work.

Closing the tip two days a week to save money will backfire on the council and cost us council tax payers a lot of money in the process.