Friday, 17 February 2012

Driver hurt as concrete block thrown from Telford bridge

This isn't Brookside but it's something that could easily happen on the Tweedale road or Stirchley Interchange.

Driver hurt as concrete block thrown from Telford bridge

A driver was injured when a concrete breeze block smashed through his windscreen after it was dropped from a bridge in Telford, police revealed this afternoon.

Callum Jackson was driving home from Harper Adams University College in Edgmond, near Newport, along the A442 at the Wombridge interchange in Telford when the breeze block was thrown onto his pick-up at 10pm yesterday.

The 23-year-old described the noise of the block smashing through his windscreen as like a ‘firework’ going off.

The block, dropped from the Stafford Road bridge onto the A442, was thrown with such force it hit Mr Jackson in the ribs and landed in the back footwell. He suffered bruising.

Mr Jackson, an agriculture student from Worcester, said: “I was amazingly lucky really. It came in through the passenger side of the screen.

“I knew exactly what it was because it was so big. It was like a firework – it was that loud.”

Chief Inspector Keith Gee, of Telford police, said: “We are particularly keen to trace a lorry driver who was driving along the same stretch of road at the time and may have seen something that could help us.

“As part of our investigation we are looking at CCTV from the surrounding area to identify any possible suspects. We would appeal to members of the public with their own CCTV to come forward so we can maximise our chances of identifying those responsible.”
This is an utterly stupid, stupid thing to do - the driver was lucky not to have been killed or seriously injured.