Monday, 20 February 2012

Dog fouling around Windmill School

Dog fouling is a problem everywhere in Telford and in fact, all over the country.  It is a particular problem in Brookside and it's not down to stray dogs, it's down to the owners not cleaning up after their dogs.

This morning I walked from the Windmill School, along the side of the Green towards Briarwood.  I counted 23 lots of dog mess on or alongside just 400ft of footpath and virtually all of them had been trodden in and probably walked into the school.

I have reported it to Telford & Wrekin Council for street cleansing again and asked them to let me know what they intend to do to address the problem.  My previous experience with this hasn't been good though - it seems that if you don't know who is responsible, there's not a lot they will do.  The fact that there is just one dog warden for the whole of Telford  & Wrekin doesn't help but the council has a responsibility to prevent dog fouling and enforce the laws surrounding it.