Saturday, 25 February 2012

Clarification on regeneration letters

I'd like to offer some clarification to those residents who have received a letter out of the blue from the borough council telling them that their home may be demolished as part of the regeneration activities in Brookside.

The letter has come as as much of a surprise to me as it has to the residents affected (another communication failure) but I think I can put it into context.

We had a meeting of Brookside Improvement Group on Thursday night at Progress House and it was mentioned that a "regeneration boundary" had been set and residents living inside that boundary would be getting letters, phone calls and personal visits to talk to them about what it might mean to them.

Properties inside this "regeneration boundary" are at risk of demolition, there is no way of wrapping this up into any nicer words.  One of the big problems in Brookside - particularly around the centre - is the density of population.  I believe one of the biggest causes of anti-social behaviour in Brookside is the unnatural way that people are living, quite literally, on top of each other.

I have heard mention, more than once, of building a connecting road from Beaconsfield to the centre although what is actually done is up to residents.  If this did happen it would, of course, result in the demolition of some of the flats but it's only an idea.  The most important thing is not to panic, just because you've received a letter doesn't mean your house or flat is going to be knocked down - it's just an early warning.

There is a meeting at the community centre on the 20th of March to discuss regeneration which I would urge as many residents as possible to attend.  If you don't have your say you won't influence the decisions.