Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Power problems affecting Brookside

There are currently some major power problems in Woodside and Aqueduct with approximately 2,000 homes without power.

Central Networks are busy switching circuits trying to get the power back on which is having a knock-on effect with low voltages in Brookside.  If your lights start dimming or street lights dim or go off, this is the most likely reason.

If you do experience these problems you need to call Central Networks on 0800 328 1111 and report it so they can make sure your house is getting enough power.

Power is back on in some parts of Woodside.  Power surges and dips are being reported in Malinslee, Lightmoor, Dawley and Coalbrookdale.

Update 2:
There's been a car accident at the traffic lights outside Madeley Academy which are, of course, not working (via Jordan).  Parts of Woodside have power but no water as they rely on pumps (thanks @stevebrowne for the update).

Update 3:
After a brief restoration, power is back off again in Woodside and Aqueduct (thanks @ravenatic and @aroberts115 for updates).

Update 4:
"Lights are going mad" in Randlay - @cazy_babe