Friday, 20 January 2012

"Major public consultation" on Brookside regeneration

Telford & Wrekin Council are launching a "major public consultation" on regeneration of the centre of Brookside.

How the consultation will be done will be decided in conjunction with the Brookside Co-operative Pilot Steering Group which includes Brookside Improvement Group (BIG) and Stirchley & Brookside Parish Council.

Councillor Shaun Davies, the cabinet member for various things including co-operative council, said:
The local centre regeneration will need to fulfil the requirements and aspirations of the community and will need to be commercially viable.
This is good to hear because I have said this more than once - it's no good throwing money at the problem, we have to have sustainable change.

Other good news is the intention to get rid of the perch.  Since the older drinkers were moved on a year or two ago, the perch has been taken over by younger drinkers and anti-social behaviour has become more of a problem.  The older drinkers were unsightly and some people felt intimidated by them but they did stop most of the trouble by the shops and the police rarely had a problem there.  However, that boat has sailed and the only way to solve the problem now is to knock it down.

It's really important that the changes made in Brookside are made because it's what residents want.  So far we've had a lot of things done to us when the whole ethos of co-operative council is supposed to be about doing things with us.  I look forward to the consultation and of course I will do whatever I can through the parish council, through my involvement with BIG and through my own efforts to ensure that we get real consultation rather than lip service and that the views of residents are respected.